Oh no, my dog is a blueberry muffin! Learning about Algorithms and AI

  • 31.5.–1.6.2022
  • Työpajateltat


Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving to mimic human-like cognition, emotions, conversations, and decision-making. Yet, how AI affects children is not well studied. Research on Child-Computer Interaction (CCI) is focused on cultivating, nurturing, and nudging children towards technology use and design, with little discussion on its ethical aspects regarding use, design, and inherent limitations, specifically for AI.

In this hands-on workshop, we will work children to critically discuss discrimination and bias AI by using Teachable Machines to create models for recognizing one object. The workshop will employ participatory methods and orient to the future using design fiction. This workshop will be part of the Participatory AI with Children project (interact.oulu.fi/paiz), and the GenZ project, both funded by the Academy of Finland. Informed consent will be requested from participants and the data collected during the sessions will anonymized, analysed, and published in a Child-computer interaction venue. Participants will also be invited to co-author the research publication.

Työpajat ovat 10-12 -vuotiaille, pop-up työpaja avoinna kaikille osallistujille muina aikoina.

INTERACT Research Unit, ITEE University of Oulu

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