Let’s make the UN Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda)
visible and relevant for all in a fun and easy way!

Toivon Agenda (Agenda for Hope)
May 23-24,2023

This major event of hope and sustainability takes place virtually and around Finland.
The event is for children, young people and educational professionals.

There are two ways to participate:

1. Join in the group of organizers and create an activity (workshop, competition, material, visit etc.) to the target group of your choice. Register your activity for the event with this form. The registration period for the activities is until the end of March.

2. Check the activities of the event on the website and participate in one that suits your interests and time and place requirements. Sign up for the activity according to the instructions on the activity card.

The event is organized by the Cultural and Educational Services of the City of Oulu, Finnish National Agency for Education, the Regional State Administrative Agencies of Northern Finland and Eastern Finland, several cities and municipalities around Finland, the University of Oulu, the UnescoASPNet school network and other schools around Finland AND YOU!