Dialogue about Indian – Ghanian Education System

  • 24.5.2023
  • Own school
  • Signing up required

Agenda for Hope -themes

  • Quality education

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Two members representing each of the countries – Ghana and India, will demonstrate a conversation about their education system, and their experience in the system as teachers/students. Through this dialogue, we want to highlight the challenges in education in the society in a developing country and the work needed to achieve SDG Target 4!

Location and time

The workshop can be booked for your own school on 24.5.2023 at any time. The workshop will be arranged online and lasts for approximately 45 minutes.


The maximum amount for the group is 15-20 people. There will be up to 2 workshops.

To book a workshop for your group, please contact abchakra@nulljyu.fi.

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