Under the sea!

  • 24.5.2023
  • Own school
  • Signing up required

Agenda for Hope -themes

  • Clean water and sanitation
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Life below water
  • Climate action

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Summer is coming and we are all excited to go swimming and explore the sea! But what is under the sea? Why is it important to keep our seas and oceans clean? What actions can we take? Let’s explore together how important the life below water is and what we can do to protect it!

Location and time

The workshop can be booked for your own school on 24.5.2023 at any time. The workshop will be arranged online and lasts for approximately 45 minutes.


During the workshop we will watch some videos, discuss some pictures and make posters. The aim is for every student to make their own poster of actions that they will follow to keep the oceans clean this summer. Teachers can choose the materials. Informative material that will be discussed during the workshop can also be provided beforehand to the teachers. The workshop will be conducted in English.

The maximum amount for the group is 10-25 people. There will be up to 3 workshops.


To book a workshop for your group, please contact Vereniki Nanou at gvnanou@nullstudent.jyu.fi.


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